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Hypertherm Authorized OEM - Channel Partner that designs, manufactures, builds and installs an XY, Robotic, or other cutting system solution package from the ground up.
Hypertherm Authorized Distributor - A channel partner that engages in a welding supply and industrial product supply business that primarily works with end-users to provide a myriad of products.
Hypertherm Authorized System Integrator - Channel partner that doesn't build or manufacture XY, robotic or other cutting system solution themselves but integrates various system components together to form a total cutting package.
Hypertherm Authorized Repair Center - A channel partner that only engages in the technical repair and service of cutting system products.

- An individual or company who uses plasma or some other cutting technology in their production or other operations.
Supplier - Supplier of Hypertherm.
Hypertherm Associate - Employed by Hypertherm.
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